Why give teachers gifts?

There is something to be said for what a teacher does for your child throughout a school year. They build a relationship with your kid and do their best to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Imagine how much energy is spent on homework with just one or two children. Now multiply that by 10-15 and you have an idea of what an educator goes through every single day. They are given an array of personalities and somehow are expected to make them mesh. It isn’t easy to find a way to teach each one of them in a way they will understand.’

why give teachers gifts

When we were kids learning came in the form of repetition but in today’s society teachers are expected to individualize more. This is great for our kids but can add extra work for the one who actually has to do it. It is in my opinion that they don’t receive enough praise. I wanted to take a moment to do so while hopefully encouraging you to take a deeper look into what exactly they do for your family.

Their job goes far beyond adding and subtracting. They are responsible for their well-being and personal growth. They are some of the first people to teach your kids about teamwork and what it means to be a part of a structured environment.

Most student teacher relationships end after nine months. They get close to your kids and prepare them to move up the scholastic ladder and rarely reap the benefits of a lasting relationship with kids that in the moment mean so much to them.

Every year they are given a new bunch and are expected to reel them in within moments of the initial meeting. I am in awe of their ability to read a child and get the job done without expecting anything in return with the exception of pride and a small paycheck.

Even more in moments of natural disaster or any other tragic event they may end up putting their life on the line to save your child. Recently we watched as a tornado took over a town in Oklahoma where teachers used their bodies to shield small children never thinking twice about themselves.

In my opinion the individuals who choose this type of profession are heroes in more ways than one. Without them we would not have achieved many of the things we have in this world. They enhance a child’s natural craving to learn and nurture them to become the best possible them they can be.

We have all had a teacher in our lives that have reached us on a different level and have a piece in who we are today. It is important to acknowledge that in our lives, but more importantly in our children’s.

When is it appropriate to show teachers we are thankful? Every day is good for a simple note or email telling them how much you appreciate what they do for your child, but even more they should be remembered on Christmas and the last day of school. The people that teach your kids important life skills are a part of your family for a short period of time and deserve to be treated as so.

You don’t have to shower them with lavish gifts, but you can get them something small that says you care about them as much as they do your child. I am sure that your child knows a good amount about her teacher and can tell you exactly what she likes.

Educators truly are remarkable and without them there is no way your children would become the adults they are capable of being. They help them to achieve their dreams and no amount of thank you’s will ever be enough. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.


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