A Fun, Easy Way For Kids To Ace Spelling

Spelling homework can be a big headache for many parents. 

You might try hard for many nights to help your kid spell new words. 

They seem to do well on a few occasions. Yet, the test scores don’t look like all that work paid off. 

Then, even if you want to help, it’s tough to find the time.

It feels impossible to sit down and practice spelling with them!

These are the problems we want to solve with our latest product: 

KooBits English

KooBits English is about making learning new words easy and fast for kids.

At the heart of it are animated flashcards:

Students typically learn spelling by writing them over and over.

It’s boring, repetitive and is the fastest way for anyone to hate spelling.

It can feel like trying to solve a puzzle without knowing what the picture is supposed to look like.

Without a clear image, spelling can just seem random and confusing.

But with animated flashcards, we tell a little story or scene that explains the word in a way that sticks. 

Knowing the story behind a word helps your child understand when and how to use it.

Our way makes sure kids are not just remembering letters. 

We help them understand what words mean and how to use them. 

They will be excited to learn new words and the stories that go with them. 

Here’s what it looks like:

Your child can find these animated flashcards on KooBits English, either through Daily Challenge or Mission. 

Using them regularly is the key to boosting your child’s memory and vocabulary skills. 

The words we put on the animated flashcards are also part of the school curriculum, which will help your child ace spelling tests.

Plus, it’s easy to fit them into your family’s busy schedule. 20 minutes is all they need!

Even on the busiest days, your child can practise spelling without needing a lot of your time. 

It could be a quick practice before school, a fun activity after homework, or a spelling game on the weekend. 

This way, learning to spell is fun and not stressful.

If you want to be one of the first to use KooBits English when it’s ready, join our waitlist. 

You’ll get early info and special insights on how KooBits English can make learning language fun and meaningful for your child. 

Signing up is easy. Just click here, and enter your email.

Then, you’ll join a group of supportive parents eager to make spelling a fun and valuable part of their child’s learning.


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