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KooBits is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the Asian science and math olympiad for primary school 2013 (official name is Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS)).  In partnership with Hwa Chong Institution, we will be developing a Math Olympiad app whereby children can have the chance to practice Math Olympiad sample questions that are created by Hwa Chong. This is the first time for a long time that the recent questions are made available to the public so we are pretty excited about this new collaboration. All sales of the questions to Singapore students will be donated to charity to help needy students as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program KooBits is working with Hwa Chong.

Official Mathematical Olympiad Questions: CLICK HERE →


Why Participate in Math Olympiad for Primary Schools?

For parents who might not be aware, participating in math olympiad is one way of gaining Direct School Admissions (DSA). This is a progamme whereby a child is selected for an IP school before the PSLE results are announced. This is a good way to reduce PSLE stress on the child as well as to be able to use a lower PSLE score to gain entry into a top school in Singapore.

As mentioned in our free ebook on DSA, there are 3 routes to gaining direct admission. One way is through academic performance. If you want your child to go this route, not only will getting good grades in primary 4 and 5 be important, but getting awards in subjects such as Math Olympiad will demonstrate that your child is capable of handling the IP programme.  This is the reason why many parents want their child to participate in the Math Olympiad competition.

Math Olympiad Problems

Unfortunately, there was no way for a child to practice past year Math Olympiad problems as these were not released to the public. The materials that were found in popular bookstores were not from the organizer, Hwa Chong directly. Until now that is. With this new collaboration between KooBits and Hwa Chong, your child will now be able to practice on actual Math Olympiad questions that were given to the past year students.

Singapore Math Olympiad Questions and Answers

In this collaboration, we will be providing both questions and answers through a Math Olympiad app.  Unlike normal assessment questions, Math Olympiad questions require a clear step by step logic flow to let kids understand the solution. Most Math Olympiad questions are rather unique and it is important for the child to learn the logic thinking, rather than memorizing the exact solution. You can have a sneak preview of our app below

If you are interested to be one of the early birds of this math olympiad app, please send us an email at [email protected] to register your interest.


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    Those worksheets are very helpful for my 9 years old son.

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    I am interested in Math olympaid. How do purchase online?

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    Koobits is fun and useful it helps me to understand topic that I am not very sure of .Even though it’s a little tough I try my best to do it

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    How to download the math olympiad app

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    How to buy math olympiad app please?

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    I understand that past year olympiad questions are not available to practise as they are not publicly available. But does your website have olympiad equivalent
    questions that kids can practise to help them in DSA?

    If so, pls. provide details on how can my kid join/practise. Thanks

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    I am proud to have a son aged 6 which likes to play Koobits!


    My 8 year son has been very good in mathematical questions since he touched koobits

  • Hi I am interested in this app. How do I purchase it? Thank you.


    • Christine

      Hi Bernice, Thank you for your interest. You may sign up for a learning plan at: We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our KooBits community! 


    my child’s school subscribes to koobits problem sums. does this include moths olympiad?


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