How to Maximise Learning with KooBits During School Holidays

The school holidays offer children a well-deserved break from the regular academic schedule. 

This period is perfect for rest. 

But it’s also important to keep their minds engaged. That way, they won’t be overwhelmed when the term starts.

With KooBits, you can strike a balance between fun and education. So, if you want your child to continue learning over the holidays without the stress, read on!

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KooBits’ mobile app is a game-changer for holiday learning.

It requires as little as 20 minutes a day and just your mobile phone, which fits easily between holiday activities. 

This flexibility means your child can keep practicing at home or traveling.

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Momentum over Volume

During holidays, children often don’t like the idea of doing homework. 

Yet, keeping the momentum going is important to ensure they get back into the groove easily once school starts. 

To help with this, set even smaller goals for them, such as answering just one question a day. 

You’ll see that if they can answer that 1 question, the momentum will propel them to do more.

Who knows, by the end of the day, they would have finished more than 50 questions!

Switch Things Up To Keep Motivation Levels High

To keep children interested in KooBits, try different features. 

You can switch between Daily Challenge, Peer Challenge, Missions, and watching KooClass videos.

This way, learning stays fun and doesn’t get boring from doing the same thing over and over. 

Parents can also join in.

For example, you can play Super Vision or Super Speed Challenge with your child. 

These are excellent parent-bonding activities.

And they also help your child to think in a step-by-step way, which is useful for solving problems during exams, and learning new topics in school.

Celebrate Every Achievement

Also, make sure to praise your child for different achievements. 

For example, one day you can get them to focus on getting answers right the first time.

Another day, you can reward them for simply getting the workings right.

Even if the final answer isn’t perfect, it’s still good if they follow the right process. 

With KooBits, your child can keep learning without missing out on holiday fun. 

Mixing up activities, using the Parent App, and celebrating every win will help them stay motivated throughout the holidays.

With these approaches, your child will likely have done more “revision “studying” than you expect!

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