Top 4 accelerated degree programs for families

Fast-track education can be a blessing in disguise for families with kids because sometimes parents find it difficult to complete a four-year degree program while looking after the little ones. The availability of online programs is also making it possible for such parents to add to their credentials without sacrificing family life.

According to the Ministry of Education in Singapore, there were 7% students who attended the Millennia Institute between 2005, but left the institutions without completing their programs. This translates into roughly 1,200 students a year. Reasons include financial burdens, work and family responsibilities.

Thankfully, accelerated programs are allowing parents to complete major degrees from the comfort of their homes. The graduates from these programs go on to become specialists not only in a particular area, but with multi-talented skills that come in handy in different businesses and work environments.

Among the range of options available, here are the top 4 accelerated degree programs for families based on their return on investment:


1.  Nursing

accelerated degree programs

For parents looking to cement a position in the healthcare industry, nursing degree programs are available. The demand for this profession has been officially reported to grow in the next few years, and there is going to be a mass shortage of registered nurses in the next decade. Also, importance is being given to nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree.

According to Gwynedd Mercy University administrators, individuals who are already holding a registered nursing license can earn a bachelor’s degree without quitting their jobs, so parents who are already in this profession can deepen their knowledge in the field and stay employed at the same time.


2.  Accounting

Family heads can also pursue lucrative careers in the field of accounting, but a little more effort is required as accounting firms usually prefer highly qualified individuals such as those who have obtained a master’s degree.

However, individuals interested in becoming certificated public accountants are encouraged to study the regulations in their region. Some of the fast-track educational programs in this field offered by institutions involve a lot of interaction and the tuition rates are also quite affordable compared to conventional two and four-year programs.


3.  Law

An accelerated degree in law can be referred to as JD (Juris Doctor) degree program and it involves training and development of skills that are prepared to fine tune students for practicing practical law in this century. It provides a good option for motivated parents to finish law education at a faster pace.

The job growth outlook looks as promising as other occupations for lawyers, but these professionals earn more compared to professionals in other fields, especially from clients that reside in countries where trademark infringements and patent lawsuits are taken very seriously.


4.  Marketing

Courtesy of digital startups and the development of digital agencies in recent times, the marketing profession looks promising in Singapore at the moment. A LinkedIn search makes it evident that there are several marketing positions available for qualified individuals in Singapore.

Students can learn everything from how to create a market strategy in a practical business environment to advertising and copywriting skills (ideal for parents who are looking for employer flexibility). These skills can increase chances of respectable employment not only in the private sector, but also in the non-profit and government sector.



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