Tips to Marie Kondo your child’s devices for better e-learning

Whether your child learns online to supplement traditional school or only studies online, you want to do whatever you can to provide better e-learning for them. Elearning is popular for many reasons, including that it can increase the retention rate to 25 to 60 per cent. While setting up the right space for revision and choosing the right online courses are important, you will also get better results if you consider Marie Kondo-ing your child’s devices. 

Delete extra information

One of the most important parts of setting up an encouraging workspace for your child to learn is to prevent distractions. Unfortunately, the same device that your child uses for e-learning may be filled with those distractions. To overcome this, do what you can to free up space on the device and delete information or programs that your child does not need. 

Ideally, they will be able to get straight to learning without encountering distractions along the way. 

Use separate devices, if possible

If you can, your child will have an even better e-learning experience if they have a separate device for schoolwork and one for fun. This is not an option for everyone, but if you can afford it, it can make a significant difference. After all, your child cannot get distracted by music, videos, games, or chatting with friends while they are learning if the applications to do those things are not even on the device. 

You can get around this even if you cannot justify getting your child a second device. Computers and many tablets let you set up multiple users or profiles. Set one up for learning and one for fun to keep everything separate and avoid distractions. 

Keep files organised with folders and subfolders

Now onto the advice that truly embraces Marie Kondo’s advice, organisation. Set up the various folders and subfolders on the computer so that they have an intuitive setup. For example, if your child learns multiple subjects online, have them save the work for each in a separate folder. Encourage them to create sub-folders for new projects, as well. 

As you go through and organise the folders, this is the perfect time to see what files need to be on the computer and which you can delete. Even if you already deleted some programs and files, you are still likely to find more that your child does not need handy. For example, projects from three years ago can be securely stored in cloud storage or an external device instead of on the computer your child uses for school. Fewer files will keep the device more organised, leading to better e-learning.

Limit icons on the desktop or homepage 

Whether your child learns on a computer or a tablet, take the time to declutter the desktop or homepage as part of your Marie Kondo-ing. There are several goals behind this. First, clearing off the desktop reduces the risk of being distracted by other programs or files as your child navigates to their lessons or revision. Additionally, it simply makes it easier to find the programs or files your child needs. This way, they spend less time getting ready to learn and more time actually learning. 

Keep accessories tidy and limited, as well

As you Marie Kondo your child’s devices for better e-learning, do not limit your efforts to the devices themselves; pay attention to the relevant accessories, as well. Common accessories include headphones, a mouse and mousepad, and possibly a webcam. Go through these and only keep one of each item readily available in your child’s workspace, so it is less cluttered. 

If your child uses scratch paper for math problems or brainstorming during lessons, follow Marie Kondo’s rules with that paper, as well. It should be easy to find inspiration if you need it, as Marie Kondo reached 1 million Instagram followers more than a year ago, just before her show was released. The same applies to anything else your child uses during their lessons, from pens and pencils to scissors or calculators. Everything should have a place, and you should not have more items in the workspace than are needed. 

There is no harm in keeping extras out of sight somewhere else; just make sure that your child’s desk or table is clear, as well as the surrounding area. 

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