The 3 Greatest Moments In School Backpack History

The greatest moment in school backpack history was the time your friend accidentally slipped and all of his work fell out! Not really, but it probably has happened enough times to qualify as a great moment. The real greatest moments are involving some of the ways that school bags have changed over the years. While you might be thinking how school backpacks are important in the grand scheme of the world, in terms of innovation, they are actually quite possibly one of the more underrated creations we know. These mighty inventions have transcended just for the use of school children, and are utilized every day by all kinds of people for a wide range of reasons.


Without further ado, here are the 3 greatest moments in school backpack history.

Introduction of Nylon in Backpacks

Truly one of the greatest moments for the backpack was the introduction of nylon. This durable material was much stronger for extended use and wear, but it was also significantly more comfortable than canvas. While canvas has had its fair share of uses, nylon is obviously more widely acceptable now. The evolution of the backpack to this point is in fair share to the overall industrial revolution, which changed the practice of making mass products over individual or handmade goods.


The evolving industrial production of easy to make products, such as backpacks, led to a boom in sales as more and more students of all ages started to realize the versatility. You’ll actually find quite a lot of different kinds of bags you can use when going to school. However, the single strap slings over the shoulder, which were more reminiscent of a mailman’s bag, are quite popular among younger students. These are still in style, but often known as satchels. The nylon backpack introduced a much more sporty look that caught on fast with university students, teachers, professors, and other professionals. This sporty look has endured the quality test. Nylon has since evolved to include wider ranges of sizes, styles, colors and designs.


Backpacks Designed for the Great Outdoors

Rucksacks, as they are commonly referred to, are considered the backpack most suitable for the outdoorsman. These bags were nowhere close to being nylon material. These backpacks were produced and used as early as the late 1800s, and became modernized around the 1910. They were mostly made of mixtures of material. Sometimes they used canvas, leather, and even wool skin to create a durable pack that could easily withstand the harsh environment. Trekking through deep woods and Arctic conditions was not unusual for these backpacks, which was a stepping stone for the modern school backpack.


One of these modernizations was through the use of supports attached to the bag. Metal or wood struts would help stabilize it on the back of the wearer, which was very handy when carrying a bulk load on a hike or a long distance journey. The modern backpack for school obviously does not have this feature, but they are more contoured for the back, which has proven to be ergonomically important. However, modern hiking bags draw very similar compared to these early predecessors.


The Future of Backpacks As We Know It

One of the greatest moments in school backpack history may be unfolding as we know it. The re-introduction of sling bags that wrap around waists/midsections, shoulders or chests has begun the era of the sleek, minimalist bag. These backpacks are designed with portability in mind. While a traditional backpack may have much more space, these bags are designed for the modern urbanite who needs their laptop, camera or phone on hand at a moment’s notice. This design is nowhere near from a new invention, in fact, it is simply a slight redesign of a classic bag. Those mailman bags or warrior sling bags are getting a new breath of fresh air as streetwear inspirations are starting to become mainstream for students, and those with an eye for design. There is also the case that this important moment in backpack history is also owed some thanks to the fanny pack trend as well. With the same general idea, the quick access to your backpack is once again making life easier for all kinds of wearers.


You may not have considered how important the history of the school backpack was, but it spans a long period of time, and an even more impressive range of uses. From warriors in ancient times, to the adventurous outdoorsmen at the turn of the century, the evolution of the backpack from a utility tool to a staple of school students is more impressive than you might think.


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