Lack Of Foundation Maths Questions

Lack Of Foundation Maths QuestionsWhile working with teachers and communicating with parents, we do notice that there is a nagging problem that is often neglected by many. This problem is so obvious, yet it is overlooked by the masses. This problem is actually the lack of foundation math questions or assessment books that is readily available in the bookshelves.

Lack Of Foundation Maths Questions

A few years ago, when I was tutoring a few students in the foundation math classes, I recall being desperately trying to find assessment books for foundation students. I was not entirely surprised when I saw only a couple of these books as compared to the wide variety that is available to the non-foundation students.

This huge gap in terms of quality of questions and readily availability of them is concerning. Without these questions, these students wouldn’t have any avenue to really practice their math. And as we all know, practice makes perfect. If there is a gap in this, then the students wouldn’t have alternative resources, other than their textbooks, to build on their weak fundamentals. Granted, some students might be totally disinterested. However, there are students who are keen to learn, but have a slower learning pace than their peers. Should we neglect these students? No, we should not.

These students are often neglected by many schools. More often than not, the students in these school receive additional support in their lessons. This is done by having more than 1 teacher in the classroom at one time. However, this does not address the problem of having the lack of foundation maths questions.

Where Can I Find Additional Foundation Maths Questions?

There are various sources at which you can obtain the foundation math question. A quick search on Google generated a few relevant results. In KooBits, we do have foundation math questions. This is specially catered to foundation math students who are taking their PSLE. This this set of foundation math questions, your student will be able to build on their fundamentals, and they will eventually do well in their PSLE.



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