Know Your Branded Ink- Toner Cartridges from Dell, IBM and HP

Printing has become a very important part of a person’s daily life nowadays. Everyone, from students, teachers and educational institutes to workers, managers and corporate organizations, all need printers for printing official material, documents, emails, important letters or any other document which is required as a hard copy. The requirement of a printer has become a necessity nowadays which has increased the importance of ink cartridges and toners for the printers. A printer, in order to print the relevant information from the computer, needs to be tuned to the correct colors by using high quality inks and cartridges so that it gives a print out that is more or less an exact replica of the one being shown on the computer.

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Much like in the entire computer industry, there is much competition among the top companies for being the best in the market for ink cartridges and toners. The top printer manufacturers like Dell, HP and IBM have been the pioneers in this field and want to capitalize on the profitable market. None is ready to lose this market and as a result, each has developed its own range of toners and cartridges which, as claimed, are better than the others. The top expectations of normal printer users from the toner is for it to last long, give a high quality printing experience, print more pages for its value and is affordable. Hence, these are the dimensions along which the competition takes place among the top companies for a space in this market segment. Whoever succeeds in delivering quality coupled with affordability and longevity is likely to get ahead in the race.


Features Being Offered by Dell Toner Cartridges

  • High printing speeds of up to 28 ppm1 are offered by Dell for both high quality printing as well as normal printing. The toner supports all major printers provided by Dell and keeps up with the high speeds.
  • High volume printing can be done with cycles of up to 50,000 pages per month. This makes these toners a desirable unit for big organizations and the corporate.
  • It offers a page yield of up to 4,000 pages, which is very high and useful in a number of organizations.
  • High quality printing with optimum use of ink and maximum utilization of the page spaces. The toner gives a more or less exact representation of the document on screen.


Features of HP Toners

  • The toners come with a mark which displays its authenticity and the originality. Also the printers themselves come with a program that checks whether the toner is authentic or not and this helps in preventing any damage to the system, as only original toners are tested to provide excellent results.
  • The toners are custom made for the printers and can be installed directly, without much professional help. The ease of installation and compatibility while changing is an important aspect of HP toners. This makes counterfeiting very difficult and ensures best results.
  • The toner ensures that optimum amount of ink is used while printing and the display is excellent as per the capability and quality of the printer being used.


Features Provided by IBM Toners

  • IBM toner cartridges are multi platform compatible and can be customized for use on a number of printers, specifically those made by IBM. This makes the toners fairly portable and easy to use.
  • The pricing of the toners is affordable and the results are great for the amount that is invested. The toners give sharp prints and last much like the normal toners from other companies.

These three companies have been the pioneers of printing technology and are now trying to capture the market in this segment. The competitive pricing, excellent features and compatibility across platforms can make the products different from others. The companies have succeeded in bringing down prices, improving quality and now it remains to be seen which company can garner more market share by attracting more people towards its products. The future of printing technology is bound to change with the advent of newer technologies and the ink toners will remain an important product till the printers are in use.



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