How to ace PSLE problem sums

PSLE problem sums form a significant part of the PSLE math paper. If you want your child to do well in PSLE math, he or she needs to score well in problem sums. Unfortunately, problem sums are one of the hardest section to obtain marks from.  If a child wants to do well, he or she must master certain math foundational skills. Below are some tips a parent can use to help the child ace PSLE problem sums.


how to ace psle problem sums


#1: Learn Singapore math model method

We have covered the Singapore math model method before. It is a very useful method for kids to learn how to visualise the problem, which in turn advances their understanding on how to solve it.  In fact, some questions will specifically ask for solutions to be shown in model forms. If your child doesn’t know how to do this, marks will be deducted.


#2: Fractions

Fractions is another important part of problems sums. They will appear in most every paper, not only in fraction forms but combined with percentages as well. Your kids should be learning fractions since Primary three. If you find that they are currently weak in fractions, you need to start improving them on this.


#3: Time management

I can’t stress how important this is during the actual exams. Problem sums tend to drag students’ time, especially if they got stuck. Parent need to train students on how to portion their time such that they don’t get too engrossed in solving one question and leaving the others. You can do this by conducting time sessions in your home. Such time practices will cultivate your child time management.

#4:  Show workings

Train your child to start showing his or her workings. This is will ensure that some marks will be gained even if the final answer might not be accurate. In fact, if a math model can be drawn, more working points will be given. If your child doesn’t like to show workings, let them practice now to cultivate this habit.

#5:  Understand where your child’s root problem

One of the biggest thing you need to understand about solving problem sums is that it is an amalation of several math topics as highlighted above. If your child is weak in problem sums, it is highly that one of his or her foundational skills is lacking. As a parent, we then need to trace their source of weakness. It is pointless to drill your child in practicing problem sums if his or her fundamental weakness is not overcome.  To do so, you need a software or system to thoroughly test your child and know which foundational skills are lacking.


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  • Primary6Student

    It’s pretty much hard to memorise all these. But it will help if you have good imagination so you can imagine the things to work your question

  • Tinna

    Math’s is no doubt important subject but many student’s falls in this either in learning formula’s or steps. Many students want to do well in PSLE math, he or she needs to score well in problem sums. You have shared such great tips which can help to score well in PSLE Maths. Thanks. Keep posting.


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