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Video games have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to having family-friendly fun. Indeed, the most expensive and most developed games are often for adults only. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good family games out there, though – you just have to look a little harder for them.

As a parent, you might not want to buy a video game as a way of having some family fun together, but you’ll be surprised at how much fun it can actually be. Browse through the titles below to see what all the noise is about – you’ll be flogging your old CDs and games on in no time.



Journey is not only one of the best family-friendly video games out there, it’s probably one of the most unique and innovative video games ever designed. That may seem like a bold statement, but it’s true – it’s like nothing anyone’s ever played or seen before.
The game is totally unique in that it a game without language. There are no instructions and there is no dialogue. You just have to figure things out for yourself, navigating a massive, endless desert in search of an ancient, buried civilisation.

Akin to a stunning, mesmerising film, with an equally awe-inspiring soundtrack, this game will definitely leave you with some lasting memories.

video game for family


Lego: Batman 2

Lego: Batman 2 is definitely a favourite among the youngsters, as is any video game title from Lego. Your initial instinct might be to cringe and wonder if you should spend your money on something else, but trust us, it’s way more fun that you might think it is.

It’s an open-world type game with plenty of playable characters and loads of Lego-based visual jokes, which are pretty great. It won ‘Best Family Game’ at the 2013 Video Game BAFTA Awards.


Littlebigplanet Karting

The Littlebigplanet franchise is a very popular video game, one that adults find every bit as enthralling as the little ones do. The latest installment is essentially a kart-racer that is still very much so in the Littlebigplanet style of things.

All the racetracks are completely customisable, which means the game has a much longer life span than most other racing games.


Costume Quest

This one’s an adventure-role-playing game that has kids in a neighborhood banding together on Halloween to help rescue one of the kids from a monster who’s taken him away.

It’s got a great, crazy, warped sense of humor that will have your kids in giggling fits in no time.


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