7 reasons why learning math is essential


It is impossible to overlook the importance of learning math. We use math in our everyday lives, such as when we buy something. In addition to the more obvious benefits of math, there are some less obvious reasons why learning math is so essential for your child. 

1. It is part of many games and puzzles

Although you may not realise it at first, math is a key part of many games and puzzles. Monopoly is the perfect example, as without learning math, your child will not be able to figure out if they can buy a property or calculate whether they should buy a hotel. Even something simple that does not seem to use math, like Sudoku, does. Research even shows that playing these math-related games helps improve your child’s math skills. 

2. It is part of numerous crafts and creative activities

Math sneaks its way into all sorts of creative activities, from calculating how to mix paints to figuring out how much yarn you will need to knit a scarf. Origami is essentially geometry but in 3-D. Making paper aeroplanes requires some inherent understanding of math and proportions. 

3. It helps kids look into the future

Kids and adults alike need math to help them look forward and plan for the future. A large part of this is managing your finances, including your debt and salary. Without a firm grasp of math, this is impossible to do. It is also incredibly important when it comes to planning a purchase like a home or a car with a loan, as compounding interest requires learning math to understand. 


4. It encourages healthy choices

You want your child to be happy, healthy, and successful in the future, and math is involved in those healthy choices. Think about this in terms of counting calories or the sugar content in food. Without learning math, someone may just compare the nutritional values on the container instead of knowing how to calculate them based on serving size. 

5. It helps them understand probabilities and realities

Having a firm grasp on math also helps us as adults understand what is possible or realistic and what is not by understanding probabilities. The perfect example would be understanding that winning the lottery is not actually very probable and should not be a retirement plan. That is particularly important given that 40 per cent of respondents in one survey indicated they thought winning the lotto was a real possibility. 

6. It sneaks into numerous jobs

While there is no guarantee that your child’s future career will use math, there is a very strong possibility that it will in some way. Carpenters, builders, and architects all use math in planning. Salespeople and anyone involved with decision-making in a company will use math in regards to finances. Even singers use math, as it is part of scales. 

7. It is essential for travelling and driving

Driving without at least a basic understanding of math would be downright dangerous, as you need to understand speed limits. You also need to plan trips based on distances and your average speed. Even if your child chooses not to drive, they will need math to plan any trip on a bus, train, or aeroplane. Learning math sets them up to be able to calculate their arrival time, as well as how much the trip will cost. 


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