4 Tips to Get Your Child To Do More Listening Comprehension Exercises

Listening comprehensive exercises have always been boring for children. Not only do they have to sit down and listen for a long time but the actually listening process is rather dry.  So, for parents, who are facing difficulties in helping their child to develop listening comprehension skills, here are 4 tips to get your child to practice more.


Tip 1:  Give control to your child

Children have very short attention spans.  If you forced them to sit down and finish a listening comprehension passage, they are going to resist it. The best thing is to give them control so that they can forward and rewind on their own pace. Such interactivity can help children to engage themselves, which keeps them practicing for longer periods of time.

listen comprehension exercises


Tip 2:  Make the question and answer sheets colorful

Children, especially, younger children are attracted to colors. Giving them plain black and white listening comprehension questions to practice will always guarantee to turn them off.  Try to print your question and answer in colors or look for those with character drawings etc to make them more appealing to children.

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Tip 3: Design a small reward system

We have mentioned previously that small reward system can help to motivate children to study.  You can apply what we have advice in that article to the practice of listening comprehension exercises. Design a small reward, make it consistent and communicate that to your child.  Doing so will ensure that your child knows why performing well in listening comprehension can yield something that is beneficial to them.


Tip 4:  Make it consistent

Once you have done the above, you need to make the doing of exercises consistent. This is to develop a good habit of constant practice that will lead to better results than last time studying. Of course, you must apply the above tips first so that you child don’t resist this routine. If the above is not done, it will be hard to motivate your child to always want to practice listening comprehension exam questions.

If a parent can do the above, it will be the most ideal. However, some parents might be too busy to do so and this is one of the reason why we reinvent how a fun listening comprehension exercise will look like using KooBits Technology.  You can try some samples of our work below and give us your feedback! :)

free listening comprehension exercises for primary school
Free listening comprehension exercises for Primary 1

free listening comprehension exercises for primary 2
Free listening comprehension exercise for Primary 2



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