Free Ebook of the Week: Zhangde Tree

Authors: Mrs Jaswant Sroya
School: Zhangde Primary School (2011), Juying Primary School (2012 to present)

For ex-principal of Zhangde Primary School, Mrs Jaswant Sroya, this ebook is her legacy to her colleagues and students. Zhangde Tree tells the story of an old tree in the school’s grounds that was revived by the laughter and energy of the children studying there. Over the years the tree became a vital part of the school community, but it now needs to be cut down to make way for a new indoor sports hall.

With beautiful illustrations and narrations by Zhangde Primary pupils, Mrs Sroya’s story reminds children to appreciate nature, and has inspired students to write their own stories about environmental protection.


View the Ebook It’s free and the URL can be shared with anyone.

Zhangde Tree is also available as an iPad App. You can download it here.

This ebook is created using KooBits Editor software.


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