Why You Should Complete Your English Language Study in Manchester

When it comes to picking out which school is for you, there are a lot of things to consider. You’ll be spending a lot of time at school so this will determine where you will live and what kind of things will be necessary for you such as public transport or proximity to places to study.


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In a world that’s practically an endless sea of options, Manchester is becoming an increasingly attractive option for thousands who wish to upgrade their English comprehension. Often called the international language of business, English is one of the most useful languages to know because of how widespread it is spoken, because English-speakers are often tourists in foreign countries, it might be worth learning English if you travel a lot and want a language most local guides will at least have a passing knowledge of.

That is of course just one reason, let me get into why Manchester is a great place to seek an education in English:


Diverse program options

Not everybody is interested in learning English for the same reasons, and not everybody is at the same level of English comprehension at the start of their studies. For this reason, anywhere that wants to consider itself a hub of English proficiency needs to have a wide range of course options, something Manchester has in spades. When picking an English school in Manchester, prospective students are given a wide range of options to best suit their needs. Busier individuals can find programs that are part-time or on the evenings only, enabling them to focus on other aspects of their lives. New immigrant families can also find classes meant to help them all work together in communicating their thoughts in English as opposed to their native languages. Preparation for many different certificates are also available, whether it be for an IELTS exam, or the Cambridge First exam. Of course, people who want something simple like a general English course can find these in just about any English school in the city.

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Experienced staff

While Manchester may have a rich industrial history, in recent years Manchester has poised itself as a major hub of intellectual & academic discourse, attracting teaching professionals from all around the world. There are dozens of highly decorated schools dotted along the city, all with their own expansive list of staff who will stop at nothing to provide the highest level of education for those who seek it. In fact, Manchester exports an extremely high number of people who will go on to teach English in foreign countries due to the high amount of schools & qualified staff.


High quality of life

No matter where you choose to complete your studies, a large portion of your time will be spent outside of school in the city itself. After all, you’ll more than likely be living in Manchester for the duration of your schooling. This means how livable a city is can be of the utmost importance. Luckily, Manchester ranks year after year as one of the most livable cities in the UK and is steadily rising as one of the most livable cities in the world. Compared to cities like London and other southern metropolises, it is relatively inexpensive to live in Manchester when it comes to things such as rent and housing.

Other factors that were considered when Manchester was named the most livable city in the UK where access to health care as well as crime statistics and political stability. What this means is that out of the entire UK you’re extremely likely to stay healthy, out of danger, and completely comfortable for the entirety of your stay.

There are a lot of places one can choose to study English, but which one you choose will shape just how competent you’ll be once everything is all said and done. Any city needs to be chosen for the quality of education you’ll be receiving as well as how easy it will be for you to move there and live your life. If you choose a city that isn’t up to snuff, chances are your grades will suffer as you will be focused on your quality of life as opposed to your studies.

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Manchester offers a bounty of worthwhile schools, renowned worldwide for their ability to teach English to the masses. Not only that, it is a remarkable city with tons of history behind it and very satisfied inhabitants. After all, wouldn’t you want to live in a city where everyone seems to be content with their surroundings?


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