Top 5 online educational games of 2013

2013 was the year of learning for the digital kids, as a lot of interactive games were released. Meanwhile, existing games saw their user bases grow as parents leveraged the interactive content for skill development in their children.

And parents who plan to introduce interactive learning games to their children next year should know that they are making the right decision in terms of child learning and development. A study points out the benefits of game-based learning, which ranges from improved hand eye coordination to increasing the memory capacity of the child.

Also, good news for parents who still haven’t installed internet at home: they can get bundled packages from companies like AT&T, Verizon etc. which will give an added benefit of educational TV shows to children.

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Among the thousands of educational games kids played this year, these five turned out to be the most popular among the young players:


1.  Free Rice

Top online educational games of 2013 1

Free Rice was created by the United Nations World Food Program. Players have to answer multiple choice questions to raise rice and feed the hungry population of the world. The advertisers on the website donate the money for the rice. Third-world countries like the Philippines and Nepal have received a lot of donations from this site.

Free Rice teaches the kids about grammar, geography, literature, vocabulary etc. Apart from that, kids also learn about their social and charitable responsibilities.


2.  EdHeads

Top online educational games of 2013 2

EdHeads is aimed at the scientific heads of today. The game varies from simple scientific concepts to some complex offerings, but nevertheless offers great science game-based learning for children.

For teachers looking to incorporate game-based learning into their classrooms, EdHeads offer some sample plans, letting them expand on the scientific lessons for young learners based on their grades.


3. Pora Ora

Top online educational games of 2013 5 Top online educational games of 2013 3

Pora Ora provides 3D interactive learning for children and engages them in a colorful quest. The site is related to the National Curriculum and therefore works on problem solving skills.

The site has also embedded a lot of safety features and operates as a social networking platform, enabling the students to interact with each other in a safe environment. Parents are also sent email notifications by the Pora Ora team on their child’s learning progress.


4. Funbrain

Top online educational games of 2013 4

Funbrain is one of the best popular online learning websites not only for children, but also for adults. It provides several reading, science, grammar and math-based games, and kids can also access different comics and books.

The team behind Funbrain has also made some of the book series into featured movies for visual learning. Teachers can also incorporate some of these games in their classrooms through the teachers section.


5. ABcYa!

Top online educational games of 2013 5

The developer of this website is a certified educator, so the platform has been created to provide educational value from the ground up.

Children can play games depending on their grade level, and talented players can advance to further levels from a choice of technology, arts and math games. The site has been featured by major outlets such as Fox News and The New York Times


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