Digital learning for kids

The old song “School Days” was all about students and their desire to learn “reading and writing and ‘arithmetic.”

Times have changed. Now there is a fourth “R” to add to the equation.

Learning from a remote location has become a socially acceptable alternative as more and more students turn to online classes. As students who live in rural areas elect to study for a degree without going to the actual college campus, more and more of today’s younger students rarely meet each other while going for a degree.

It is no surprise that today’s teachers want to embrace the digital learning strategies. According to PBS Learning Media, 74-percent of teachers say educational technology benefits their classroom and 68-percent of teachers want even more access to classroom technology. This suggests that teachers want more than just the basics. They want ways to encourage students to learn without resorting to the boring old techniques of classrooms past.

digital learning for kids

It shows. More than one-third of teachers use tablets or e-readers in their classroom, up from 20 percent a year ago. If the students have e-readers or tablets in their classroom it definitely benefits a tech-centric generation. Gone are the days when students used a pad of paper or a notebook to jot down notes. The notes are already stored away in the e-reader or tablet, making it easier for the student to see what the teacher is going over.

Even if the students do not have e-readers or tablets at their disposal for lessons to be downloaded, it still makes things easier for the teacher. Rather than drone on and on about the lesson, the teacher can illustrate things, point out what is important and go from there. In addition to tablets and e-readers, handheld devices such as cell phones and smart phones have a place in the modern classroom. You’ve definitely heard of the phrase “now there’s an app for that” and with an app for everything, the classroom is no exception. These apps can visually stimulate students when it comes to their desire to learn.

Remember the days when teachers pulled down the white screen and placed a see-through paper on a light to project the image? Those days are gone. Now there are interactive whiteboards. These are boards you can type on and even use markers to draw images. When you are all done, you use the eraser function and everything is gone, without that pesky chalk dust.

Most school districts, especially with the declining cost of computers, are finding ways to buy laptops or PC’s in bulk so students can learn. By using downloading technology, instructors can put lessons on the computers of their students without having to go through the lesson and then answer any questions. Students can follow along or read the lesson on their own and then ask the teacher about relevant questions.

With all of these new technologies, it is no wonder students are finding different ways to learn these days. By making learning more fun and easier for older students to pursue degrees online, it encourages more students to graduate from college and pursue their desired careers. There are plenty of schools to graduate from that you can find online that offer the degree you are looking for. Whether you are looking for specific degree in organizational development and leadership or something more general like a management degree, your options are endless. We now live in a day and age where you can obtain whatever career path you want with a little hard work and some motivation. You better order those graduation invitations soon. If you are a new-generation student, there are so many ways to learn a skill or trade these days that involve newer technology. Embrace it and know a degree is just around the corner.


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