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Repetition is the key to learning.  That’s a widely accepted theory.  But what happens when the subject you need to learn is expensive, time-consuming, and not available on your schedule?

The kind of learning we’re talking about here is the ACT.  And the type of learning we’re referring to is not the subject matter on the test, but the test itself.

The ACT is critically important for college-bound students.  It provides qualifications for scholarships and admission, and can influence the courses that a student is able to take. This is very important if you are planning on going to school for the next few years to complete a prestigious degree in the medical or business world. Doing well on entry level exams can help speed up the process of how long it will take to graduate and find a successful career. To make a college education easier to obtain, more and more online schools are looking at how well you test with the ACT and with other placement exams since they want to give you the best education out there. For some, this means that you can work as a CNA while completing your master’s degree in nursing online; to get more information, you can search the web for schools that offer a flexible schedule.

With so much weight on it, the test creates great anxiety in those who will be taking it.  Students are mortified of failing it, knowing that it could jeopardize their choices in higher education and their ability to pay for it.

Many students feel they are prepared for the questions that will be asked, they just aren’t comfortable with the format.  Still others feel that there is subject matter that they need to brush up on.

ACT Prep courses

Where does a student start?

The best way to start the ACT prep process is to steer away from adopting a cramming strategy.  Instead look for a detailed, up-to-date curriculum for maximizing your score on the ACT by covering several common areas. The Huntington ACT test preparation program, for example, grooms you by providing a combination of  academic knowledge, time-management skills, and test-taking strategies.


Filling the Gaps

Maybe it is the specific technical knowledge for you.  A good test prep program will shine a light on the topics in which you are weakest.  That gives you time to scramble for a little remedial work to ensure that you’ve got things straight.

The alternative is to walk in, sit down, and start through the test, only to find that you have positively no recollection on how to calculate the volume of a sphere.

You can’t undervalue the importance of managing these deficiencies.  It may seem that you can just skip that question and start fresh with the next, but the impact is more profound than that.  Your confidence is rattled.  You are distracted by worry, a nagging concern that still other questions are ahead for which you lack the knowledge to answer correctly.  If the tough questions come late in the test, you may begin to second-guess yourself on earlier responses.

There’s no need to put yourself through that.  It can wreck your entire performance on the test.  Get a good course lined up and find out where your shortcomings are.


Understanding the Instructions

Let’s be straightforward.  Many times the instructions on official documents–whether it’s a college entrance exam, assembly plans for a new chair, or the recipe for a fabulous soufflé–were written by someone who thought they were clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Then in walks a gaggle of stressed-out students, seeing their entire futures hanging in the balance.  And those carefully worded instructions quickly begin to resemble gibberish.  Before long, the test takers are bug-eyed and lost, and their test scores reflect their understanding of arcane instructions rather than their true knowledge of the material.

That’s a distortion of what the test should do, and the ACT people don’t want it to happen any more than you do.  Repetition is our friend (remember our opening paragraph?), but how many times can you spend your Saturday and your hard-earned money to re-take a test just for the opportunity to review its directions, in hopes of performing better?

A quality ACT prep course will review, in plain English, just what you must do, how much time you have for it, and how you do it.  So again, your focus is on the answer to the question, not the format of the test.


Learning Better Strategies

Remember when everyone used to say, “If you don’t know, choose ‘b’.”?  Then it was “c”, and now…well, who knows?

You have to show up at the ACT with more strategy than that in your arsenal.  Huntington will help you know how to prioritize questions, how to narrow down answer choices, and do all the little things that improve your odds of getting the answer right when you just aren’t sure.

They’ll walk you through those hang-ups when it could be either of two choices, or when one answer seems too right to actually be right, and all the other flies that get in the ointment of your test.

The ACT is critical, that’s true.  But it doesn’t have to bear quite the pressure that many people put on it, and getting a prep class is the difference.  Show up prepared and get ready to ace it!




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