6 ways your kids can benefit from mobile technology

No matter where you turn, you see kids and adults on smartphones. Mobile technology is increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, including learning, socializing, and preventing boredom. Your kids can benefit from our ever-changing mobile technology in the following six ways.

kids can benefit from mobile technology


1. Kids Can Engage in an Interactive Learning Experience

Just as with some video games, mobile technology offers a new way to engage in an interactive learning experience. Many schools are turning to smart technologies, so it’s only fitting that they are doing away with standard textbook education. As you’ll notice, online learning and textbooks are becoming standard for colleges and universities across the country.

Take a look at the reference sections of these online textbooks. They direct students to their websites and mobile apps for further reference and tools. Students now can read homework assignments via an eBook, downloadable right to their phone. There are no excuses now about leaving books at school.

For children who have a hard time reading the text, they can easily zoom in and out to see each word with clarity. Also, programs enable children to look up unfamiliar words instantly, with just one touch. Instead of putting down their book and logging onto their PC, your child can click an embedded link to reinforce the lesson with videos and interactive pictures online.


2. Mobile Tech Encourages Kids to Seek Answers on Their Own

Mobile technologies, such as tablets and phones, make it fun for kids to learn. They are growing up in the information age, so it’s easy for them to comprehend opening sites such as YouTube and BrainPOP. Because they can understand it, they are more encouraged to be independent learners. Kids are encouraged to seek answers on their own, such as how to draw animals and find shortcuts to math problems.


3. Mobile Tech Enables Students to Learn to the Best of Their Ability

As you know, some students are visual learners while others are auditory. Mobile technologies, such as Evernote and Inspiration Maps, allow students to study and learn at their own pace. These programs are available for Apple and Android devices. Kids can record a lecture or take notes with ease and draw pictures to help them connect the dots. For students who are unable to jot down notes quickly, this is a great way to see and hear exactly what the instructor said. It can also help parents understand the day’s lesson to help children with their studies.

Several people are moving to tablet technology for advanced learning. Tablets from makers like Android are interactive, with apps like Evernote to help students take notes.


4. Mobile Tech Provides a Library at Kids’ Fingertips

Learning the Dewey Decimal Classification System of the library may be difficult for some. However, every library is now integrating downloadable eBooks for virtually every subject, eliminating the need to visit the library to pick up a book. This is especially convenient when the library is closed. Students can access online books and information right at their fingertips, through their mobile devices.


5. Kids Experience Real In-Classroom Lessons in the Real World

Mobile technology makes kids’ school projects come to life. Rather than just studying photosynthesis, students can take pictures and transform them into video clips of the life cycle of a plant. They can create theme-based projects by going into the real world and bringing those experiences back into the classroom to share.


6. Kids Keep Fit and Healthy

Teens feel a lot of social pressure to be slim or muscular. Mobile technology is a great way to encourage your child to be fit and healthy. You can have your teen download an app that you can monitor from your smartphone or PC. In doing so, you’ll be able to monitor their meals and exercise regimens. Check out this list of health and fitness apps targeting kids.

If you are worried about the high costs of mobile technology, there are many services your cell phone provider offers to give you total control of your kid’s phone or tablet. Get your child engaged with mobile technology today, and open up the world to them.




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