3 Outstanding iPad Apps for Kids to Learn Math

Mathematics is a subject many children grapple with both in terms of understanding and interest. In fact, most parents come to us with the plight of trying in vain to get their children to enjoy learning and practising math. Thankfully, with the advent of ever more interactive digital devices like smartphones and tablets (as well as the brilliance of game developers), there are now numerous fun learning apps available for kids.

If you own an iPad, you’re in luck – because today we’re featuring three outstanding iPad apps for kids to learn math.


King of Math

King of Math is a 5-star game app for learning math. Mainly consisting of a bunch of math questions, children have to complete the questions in a limited period of time to score points. The more correct answers and the faster the questions are answered, the more points one will earn to level up and unlock more challenging questions. The game then encourages children to accept and complete more challenges until they become a King of Math.

The one gripe we have, however, is whether this will interest children enough to keep working on the math questions. Even though the game provides plenty of math questions to answer, the game gets a little repetitive and boring after a while. Still, King of Math covers a wide range of math topics to make for comprehensive learning. The free version includes Addition, Subtraction and Mixed Math questions, while the full version adds on Multiplication, Division, Arithmetic, Geometry, Fractions, Powers, Statistics and Equations.

Price: Free (US$0.99 in-app upgrade to full version)



Connect’m is a puzzle board game for training your child’s visualization skills and mathematical logic, especially in the topic of shapes and polygons. In Connect’m, one has to connect the dots in a given area with unrepeated lines. It requires your child to visualize different possible ways to “draw” the polygon and solve the puzzle. The game offers 140 levels for children to try. Because it is presented as a casual game, your child is less likely to get stressed over the mathematical aspect of the game – and with over 1.5 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating, you can be sure this app is just as fun as it is educational.

Price: Free





Math is Fun: Age 3-4

As the name suggests, Math is Fun: Age 3-4 is an iPad math game that will teach young children to recognize numbers, count, order numbers and handle shapes – helping them build the basic foundations of mathematics. The rich, detailed graphics and lively animations are key elements in attracting children to keep learning the math through the game. There are 8 fun activities in Math 3-4, each focusing on a different area of basic math for your child.

Price: Free


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