10 Excellent Primary Education Apps for iPhone and iPad

With so many learning apps for children available for the iPhone and iPad, it can be tough to sift through all of them to find apps that are both engaging and relevant to your kids. For parents in Singapore looking for the best primary education apps for mobile learning, we’ve found you the best 10 apps covering primary English, Math, Science, and Chinese.

1. ACE Primary 6

ACE Primary 6 - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadWant to get in more practice for the PSLE while on the go? ACE Primary 6 lets your child practice English, Math, Science, and Chinese questions, and helps you keep score of how well your child is doing. Math questions are free, while just $0.99 gets you access to all subjects, as well as explanations for each question.

2. Proverbs English

Proverbs English - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadAlthough proverbs are not part of the English syllabus, this app is perfect for your child to discover the wonders of the English language and learn the meaning behind commonly used idioms and proverbs. The Free version offers 100 proverbs, while more difficult ones are available via in-app purchase.


3. KooBits Workbook

WorkbookApp_LogoYes, we’re listing our own KooBits Workbook app here because we believe that you and your child will find it fun and useful. The app delivers daily challenge questions complete with colorful animations, as well as topic-based practice for primary English, Math, and Science. Your child can also compete in nationwide challenges with other users. Available for Primary 1-6.

4. Chinese 字宝宝 for Primary Students

Chinese 字宝宝 - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadChildren learning Chinese will find this app useful for writing and pronunciation practice. Based on the latest MOE Chinese syllabus, the app covers Primary 1-6 word lists for both Chinese and Higher Chinese, and includes flash cards for memorization as well as stroke order animation.


5. Animals Learn Science

Animals Learn Science - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadPractising exam questions can get boring, so why not make it more fun and rewarding? Animals Learn Science rewards your child with marine animals for a virtual fish tank for answering questions correctly. The 500+ questions come from top schools in Singapore, and cover all the topics in the primary Science syllabus. While not free, this app is worth purchasing. (Link points to 4th Grade/Primary 4; separate apps available for each level)

6. LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories

LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadDeveloped by the British Council, this app is based on the UK phonics programme and will help kids improve their reading, spelling, listening and pronunciation skills. With cute aliens Pam and Sam and a complete set of stories, your child is sure to enjoy learning phonics with this app.


7. 成语故事

成语故事 - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadChinese idioms can be difficult for children to understand, but thankfully many of the most famous Chinese idioms have interesting stories that help explain their meanings. This app includes these colourful illustrated stories for over 80 Chinese idioms, puzzle games, and even quizzes to test your child’s learning.


8. Singapore Math Trail

Singapore Math Trail - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadThis app doesn’t just teach math – it also teaches your child about Singapore’s history via a heritage trail along the Singapore River. While visiting sites of cultural significance, your child will answer questions about Singapore’s history as well as relevant math questions, making both subjects more interesting and fun to learn.

9. Clever Bird Early Science

Clever Bird Early Science - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadIf you want to give your child a head start in learning Science, Clever Bird Early Science is one app you can try. The funny illustrations and voice narration make understanding basic scientific concepts simple, and each concept is introduced using real-life examples. The first 5 lessons are free.


10. Singapore Math, Bar Models

Singapore Math, Bar Models - for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadThe bar model method is commonly used to solve problem sums, and this app (available for different levels from Primary 2-4) will help your child learn and apply it effectively for questions of varying difficulty. The app also provides clear examples and tutorials to help lay the foundation for algebra learning.



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