10 Cool drawing tools for kids on the ipad

Children love to draw. Parents should in fact encourage drawing as it helps to stimulate creativity and brain development. To the unaware, drawing might seems to be trivial but the brain is engaged in multiple dimensions during drawing. For example, the child will hone his or her observation skills so as to produce better drawing.  This in turns helps to enhance motor skills, spatial understanding as well as better handwriting and manual dexterity.

Currently there are lots of drawing tools and apps on the market. Here are 10 of the best drawing tools for kids:


#1:  Drawing Pad

drawing pad

Drawing pad is one the top ipad apps that have received lots of good reviews. They have a nice interface where child can literally choose the drawing tools they want and start to draw.  The color palette is plentiful and there is even a undo button to bring the kid back to the previous version. Easy and fun to use. Recommended!


#2: Drawing with Carl

drawing with carl

Drawing with Carl uses a cuter interface which kids love. They have this interesting ‘talking sticker’ feature whereby the stickers will repeat what the child has recorded.

The only downside is the limited color palette which is around 10. However, it has lots of other drawing tools such as stickers and stamps to make up the short fall.

#3:  123 Color HD

123 color hd

This is a drawing app that has more of an educational slant than the rest. It has a large library of pre drawn images that kids can color and learn at the same time. It also has Perfect paint feature which will not allow your child to color outside the drawn lines.


#4: Draw Free

draw free

Draw Free is a great free drawing app that lets children doddle or draw seriously. It has a blank canveras mode as well as pre set themes. The latter is more for kid who want to exercise their full creativity while the latter is for kids who are just starting out and want to doddle.

#5: Whiteboard Lite

white board lite

One of the few collaborative drawing app. White lite allows 2 users to draw on the same canvas, with 2 devices connected over wifi. This is a great feature, especially for families with more than one child. The app’s downside is that the color palette is too limited. It also suffers from a lack of features such as additional tools or templates, which might lead to the child getting bored easily.


#6:  Draw Me

draw me

A very simple to use drawing app for kids. A child can start off with using an image from the camera or the app’s image library.  It is a great way to start kids off in their drawing activities. Option wise, the app doesn’t have that many other features as the rest. For example, there is no undo or stickers tool etc.


#7: Kids Doddle – Movie Kids Color & Draw

Kids Doddle - Movie Kids Color & Draw

This is a rather unique drawing app. Kids will use the normal drawing tools to create or paint images. They can then watch a movie about how they create their drawings. It is a rather innovative and a fun way to let kids see how they get their drawings done. For the actual drawing tools, it is rather limited but gets the job done.

#8:  Real fireworks

real fireworks

Real fireworks is not really a pure drawing app. What is does is to allow a child to swipe and create some beautiful firework patterns. A cool feature is that you can save the fireworks you created as your wallpaper.


#9:  Max Doodle

max doddle

Max Doodle is one of the rare app that tries to build a social network around kids who like to paint. Beside all the basic painting tools that a drawing app has, it has also the recording function to see kids doing their work. Best of all, kids can share their art with other kids to promote peer learning.


#10: Crayola Paint

Crayola Paint

Crayola Paint has a lot of good things going for it. Wide color palette, different activities and even original music. The free version is fine but there are a lot of in store app purchase options, which some parents might disagree with.


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