Teaching children to look after their things

Sending your kids off to school for the first time is a very important event in any parent’s life. They’ll need the correct gear like pencils, crayons, books and lunch boxes and they’ll start getting into their own routine. One of the things that parents tend to focus very strongly on during the preparation period for school is getting all the right stuff.

Now before you run out to the shops, just think about this. There are so many ways in which you can save money and reuse items in your home for a more eco-friendly school preparation approach. Your kids might not be very impressed that their friends get only new stuff and they didn’t, but if you start with this approach from an early age, they’ll get used to it and hopefully understand why it’s better this way.

Teaching children to look after their things

Something else that’s very important to teach the children before they set off on their own school schedule, is how to work the home security system. You don’t want them coming home at an unexpected time and set it off. So be sure to teach them how it works. If your system is too complicated for the children to understand or if you hadn’t yet installed one, then you can take a look at www.homesecuritysystems.com for something that the whole family is comfortable with using.

When the kids have everything they need, they know where the bus stop is and they can arm and disarm the alarm system, most parents feel that their job is done and that they can leave the kids to enjoy school. But there’s something very important left that you need to teach your children before they start packing their things. It’s absolutely vital that they know how, and why, to look after their belongings as discussed here www.smartparenting.com.ph

Too many children come home from school with lost pencil cases and socks. If you teach your kids to look after their things from an early age, then they’ll grow up into much more responsible adults one day. They’ll look better after themselves too, which can make you worry less about their safety.

So how do you go about teaching your kids the basics of locking up and looking after? Many kids tend to be rather, after all. But you can help them to improve their memory. If they don’t know where something is, ask them first if they can remember where they last saw it or used it. To exercise their memories you can quiz them about stuff you do together, like which animal you saw running around the park earlier or what flavor ice cream the were eating the day before.

In order for your child to learn not to loose their things, the habit must be established at home. Make sure that the family focuses on looking after their belongings and don’t encourage an attitude of carelessness when it comes to our personal belongings. Even there’s a search for the remote, don’t just shrug it off and move on, make an effort to search together so that the child learns that it’s important to look after things.

Involve them in getting their things sorted out. Don’t just pack your child’s entire bag and lunchbox yourself, let them help you by finding the necessary items around the house and the kitchen themselves and putting it in the bag. They’ll learn accountability this way. They won’t get used to something just appearing in front of them because they’ll learn that when they leave their crayons in the living room, they’re going to have to fetch them from there and bring them back to the school bag before the next morning.

These simple little habits will make turn your child into a responsible one and save you the effort of buying pencils every week.


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