How to juggle an education and a busy family life

Have you ever thought about learning a new skill or returning back to school? As a parent, you wouldn’t be the first person to want to continue your education, and you also wouldn’t be the only person to put these thoughts on the backburner to put your family first instead. Yet perhaps it is time to revisit the idea of developing yourself as an individual – there are actually many people who manage to juggle education with a busy family life. So why can’t you get involved?

If this sounds like something you want to explore further, continue to read this blog post to find out about some tips to make it as stress free as possible.

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Focus your search area

One of the first things to consider is regarding what you actually want to learn when you take up a form of course or workshops. If you want to get basic school level qualifications, you should check and see what level you must start at, and whether there are any prerequisites for courses. If you are more interested in getting a diploma or certificate in another area, take some time to think about your interests and passions to find something that suits your personality.


Find a place to study

Once you have figured out what you want to do, you will need to identify where you will do it. There are plenty of colleges and institutions around, but you will be looking for somewhere that is convenient for you as a parent with a busy family life. Luckily there will often be places of education near where you live, ideal for night courses when someone else is home to take care of the kids. The internet is also popular for people in a similar position, with everything from online IT courses to wedding planning sessions being covered.


Paying for classes

Another barrier for you as a parent may be your finances; having a home and a car is expensive, never mind having a family. However it is worth calculating the cost of education versus the potential income you could achieve if you got a job in that area after studying. Some institutions may also offer grants, scholarships or loans that you might find helpful, so it is important to ask the questions that might lead to you to make a decision. It would be a shame to miss out on developing yourself if help was actually available.

Find childcare

You may be worrying about who will look after your kids whilst you are learning, which is entirely logical. It may take some time to find a solution, but just a few options to explore are family members, babysitters and after school clubs, as well as other clubs and classes for your kids. If you really can’t find a person to take care of your children, you could ask the college if they have any suggestions – some may offer you a crèche facility.


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