How Reading Affects Work Performance

As people get older and their lives start getting a lot busier, reading inevitably takes a back seat on their priority list. This even gets worse with the plethora of entertainment options that pop up daily relegating daily active reading to a thing of the past. However, what if fifteen minutes of simple reading each day was to translate into an increase in your payments. Would you pick up a book more often than usual? I’m sure you would. I mean, who doesn’t want more money right?

Below are a few ways reading can help boost your work performance.


1. It Reduces Stress

Managing stress levels in your professional life successfully is vital if you want to have productive work performance levels. As much as you can, always try to avoid having to walk around the office like a pressure cooker just waiting to explode on your employees, peers or even boss. Recent research has shown that you can reduce your stress levels by almost two thirds by merely reading for about seven minutes every day. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? In fact, reading outperforms drinking tea, taking a walk or even listening to music when it comes to stress reduction


2. Improves Decision-Making skills

It’s believed that adults make on average around thirty-five thousand decisions every single day. Of course, you naturally want most if not all of those decisions to be good ones, yes? We don’t have to highlight to you how vital it can be to always try and avoid making impulsive, ill-informed or snap judgments and decisions. Anyway, did you know why is reading important? If you read daily that could help you stay clear of such traps. Scholars at the University of Toronto found that reading fictional material can help improve your processing information procedures including your creativity levels.


3. It Makes You Smarter

Your brain operates just like how your muscles do. Just like the way your muscles need regular exercise to stay healthy so does your brain. Now, the exercise for your brain is not lifting weights or cardio but constant reading. Sure, there’re crossword puzzles and Sudoku, however, the best way to keep your brain completely fit is by reading as much as you can. Aside from helping you learn new things, reading will also help you improve your overall intelligence as well inevitably making you a better worker in your professional life.


4. It Helps With Sleep

Of course, being in zombie mode definitely means you’re far from your best, especially at work. However, getting to fall asleep can sometimes be so much easier said than done. It’s believed that one of the top ways for preparing yourself for sleep is by reading. Doing this will provide you with a better nights sleep as compared if you watched television during that period before going to bed. Having a good night sleep will ensure you stay fresh and productive while at work.

This site Self Development Secrets knows the importance and advantage of reading books to help improve your work performance just might be what you’ve been needing all this time. Hopefully, we’ve helped open your eyes to the great possibilities reading holds. Go on, get your seven minutes of reading today and see how it plays out.


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