How Filipinos made their children love math during distance learning while saving time and money

Parenting is a beautiful adventure. However, as with all adventures, parenting means sometimes you run into bumps and unexpected obstacles. One such challenge is ensuring that your child receives the best education, especially during those early years, so that they have the chance to grow into the smart, helpful, and successful person you know they are destined to be. This is a difficult task on a good day – but made more difficult especially so because of the pandemic.

Parents in the Philippines have poured so much of their time and money into making sure their children can keep up with the demands of distance learning. This is why we have compiled the information and resources you need below so that you can help your child keep up their math skills without you having to empty your wallet or spend all your time looking over your child’s shoulders making sure they are doing their homework. Keep reading to find out how other parents in the Philippines made their children Grade 1-6 love math during distance learning, and how they saved money and time doing so!

Current education situation

Before we get to the solution, it is important to see how the education system was failing parents well before even the pandemic began. Simply put, the Philippines does not invest as much money into their education system as some of its neighbors like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. In fact, only 3.4% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product is budgeted towards education, which is a little more than half of the 6% the United Nations recommends. Other sources have sadly noted the deteriorating quality of education in Philippines – evident from ineffective methods of instruction and curriculum content to poor management of schools and lack of proper facilities, books, and equipment.

This has unfortunately affected educational outcomes for many young children in the country, as schools struggle to impart the literacy and numeracy skills even at the most basic level. In fact, a 2018 study led by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) tested a representative sample of 15-year-old Filipino students and found that the Philippines is the last in reading comprehension among 79 countries and second to last in sciences and maths.

Another Unforeseen Challenge: Distance Learning in the Philippines During Covid-19

The shift to remote learning has not been easy. News outlets have reported there has been a dip in student enrollment, a rise in student disengagement, and difficulties understanding lessons without direct access to in-school learning. As predicted, the already shaky education system has been put under even more strain because of these extraordinary times.

On the personal level, we have found that the two main effects of remote learning have been that parents are losing 1) significant amount of time trying to guide their children and 2) money that is going towards paying pricey tutors. This is unfair! Parents already have so much to worry about, from getting food on the table, working long hours, to taking care of the childrens’ needs. Parents shouldn’t have to carry the burden of teaching their children on top of that.

Though we cannot solve bigger problems like lack of access to Wifi or budget cuts to education – there are other options available to parents who are struggling with helping their children keep up with their math skills during the pandemic. Keep reading to find out what you can do to save time and money and still help your child learn the important math skills they need for a successful life!

Overcoming the Challenges of Distance Learning – Together!

There was a time parents could take their children to math learning centers where children could get extra math help and practice outside of school hours. But in this Digital Age, that is no longer necessary. Kids can get that same boost of extra math practice and learning from websites and apps that can in some ways be more engaging and effective than in-school learning and much, much cheaper than hiring a private tutor. Many parents have been turning more and more to these kinds of online learning platforms and have seen some major benefits and rewards that include convenience, higher levels of engagement, motivation through game-like levels, and more value for your money.

What are my Options?

Good question! There are many options available online, but what makes one better than the other is not necessarily just quality, but also how good of a fit it is for you. KooBits is one such option that is specifically tailored for parents in the Philippines looking to save time and money when helping their children Grade 1-6 not only keep up with their math during remote learning, but also excel in their math and surpass expectations.

For Parents in the Philippines, KooBits is the Solution

KooBits could be the perfect fit for you, if you have children in years Grade 1-6 who need extra math help that doesn’t require too much guidance and time from you and also doesn’t drain your wallet. With KooBits’ 100,000+ practice problems tailored specifically for children in grades 1-6 in the Philippines, you can be sure the math concepts and skills are taught according to the DepEd PH Curriculum – so what your child will be learning in class will be built upon in KooBits.

In addition to this, KooBits focuses on teaching using the Singapore Model Math Method, where children are taught using visual methods such as graphs and diagrams so that your child can easily visualise math and break down difficult concepts themselves. We took it one step further, and have created 1000+ professionally animated videos and step-by-step solutions with models and diagrams so your child can learn independently without your guidance.

With 20 minutes of our daily practice, 1 in 2 students in years Grade 1-6 raise their scores by 30% every term. How do we produce such amazing results? We simply make the math learning fun for our students so that they WANT to come back and practice math every day. We have scoreboards, rewards, and personalised math guidance that keep the kids motivated to practice daily.

Test It Out, For Free!

200,000+ parents all over the world have already joined the KooBits family and you can read in their testimonials how it has changed their lives for the better. If you’re thinking about joining the family, we have Standard and Premium plans available. Click here to learn more. Or if you prefer to try it first, sign up for our free full-featured trial so you can check it out for yourself!

By building a strong math foundation now in these early years of Grade 1-6, your child has the chance to excel in higher education and life later.

If you want to save time and money while making your kid fall in love with math and practice every day, KooBits could be the solution for you!


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