Free Ebook of the Week: The Fruit Fairies

Free ebook of the week: The Fruit FairiesAuthor: Samantha Samuel

As the pretty fairy in charge of the sweetest and most delicious fruit growing in the jungle, Pong Pong is the most popular of all the fruit fairies and admired by all. Her vanity and greed, however, starts her on an evil plan to overthrow the King and Queen of the jungle. But Spikey D, the humble and ugly fairy in charge of the Durian, bravely helps the clever elf Sage to foil Pong Pong’s scheme. Will Sage succeed? What will happen to Pong Pong and her accomplices? Will the animals in the jungle finally see beyond Spikey D’s appearance and pungent smell?

The Fruit Fairies tells the story of how the Pong Pong became the poisonous and inedible fruit that it is today, and teaches children not to judge others by their appearance. The book includes interactive triggers and voice narration, so even younger children can enjoy it on their own.


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