Free Ebook of the Week: Mr Evil, the Octopuses’ Nightmare

Authors: Ong Jia Hui & Kelly Voo
School: Meridian Primary School

Odie and Penny are orange and pink octopuses. They are the best of friends and they live in an aquarium together since they were young. The duo were caught from the sea and put into the aquarium by a man called Mr. Evil. One fateful day, Mr. Evil grabbed Penny. Mr. Evil weighed her on a scale and put her in a container. Odie was petrified and stared in horror. He knew that his best friend was going to be sold and served as dinner to a hungry customer! He had to do something about it. He decided to chase after them…

Meridian Primary School’s young authors – Ong Jia Hui and Kelly Voo – have brought their stories alive with animated characters, beautiful illustrations and interactive presentation.


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