Can You Make Your Child Smarter While You are Pregnant?

There is a popular, but slowly fading misconception that most children are born with the same intelligence, and it’s mostly the surrounding environmental factors which lead to development of advanced IQ.

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Not that environmental factors do not play a role mind you, because unless you teach a genius coder how to code, they wouldn’t be able to write that genius code in the first place. However, as far as the ability to learn, retain and utilize knowledge across the various spheres of life and education is concerned, it is largely determined during the pregnancy period itself.


The Dominance of Good Genes

Admittedly, most of the factors that determine intelligence are genetic, which means that the chances of having a high IQ is always going to be higher in children who come from intelligent parents.

Even if neither of the parents or grandparents were known for being remarkably smart, it is still quite possible that they were smart, but never got a chance to even know what they are so good at.

So, How Can You Really Affect How Smart Your Child is Going to Be?

In spite of the dominance of genes here, it is still possible to affect your child’s intelligence, even before he/she is born. No one can change genetics, but  a mom can make sure that her pregnant body provides the most favorable condition for the baby to grow as healthy and as smart as possible.

What You Eat and Drink (or Don’t) Affects the Baby’s Growing Brain Directly

The Impact of a balanced diet is huge in making sure that the fetus gets everything which it needs, but if you really want a smart child, a special attention to taking enough choline from eggs and DHA from fish can contribute towards that goal. Choline in particular, has actual scientific evidence from conducted studies to back up the claim here.

The Positive Impacts of a Relaxed Pregnancy is Deep

We underestimate the destructive powers of stress and as a result, we unknowingly suffer from multiple resulting conditions which can range from hypertension and cardiac diseases, to neurological breakdowns. In case of a pregnant woman, all of those symptoms and effects can have devastating effects on both the baby and her.

Social Pressure in particular is often responsible for bringing about unnecessary stress to an already stressed body. In case you have a big baby shower coming up ahead, planning everything on your own can cause quite a bit of stress, since they generally take place at around or even past the seven month mark. During this time, the body is getting ready for a huge change, which is why you should make the ceremony as relaxing an event for you as possible.

Pick out your baby shower templates online, complete the invitations via email and let nothing come between you and your sleep. How well you sleep during this period will mostly determine how well your child’s brain grows, leading up to the date of delivery. Whether it’s a baby shower or any other social event, feel free to ignore it, if it affects your relaxation in any way for even one day.

Finally, if you have any addictions, such as smoking or drinking in particular, it will negatively affect the growing intelligence of your child both during birth and for the rest of his/her life, as long as the mother continues to indulge them. It’s unfortunate but a scientifically established fact nonetheless.



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