Free Ebook of the Week: A Guide to Preventing Computer Related Injuries

Authors: Goh Yong Kiat, Desmond Sin, Joshua Ng, Tan Guan Hao
School: Hwa Chong Institution

“In this advanced time and age, the younger generations are quickly immersed in technology, and we feel that knowing how to prevent [computer related] injuries can be crucial.” Thus this ebook was created by a thoughtful group of high school students to educate primary school pupils, who are increasingly exposed to computers, about the physical harm of computer over-usage.

The authors of this ebook have managed to present this seemingly dry subject in a fun and interactive format in order to appeal to the younger generation of digital natives. From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to Myopia, children will find themselves laughing at the cartoons and animations in the book while learning how to prevent computer related injuries.

View the Ebook It’s free and the URL can be shared with anyone.



Studies have shown the rise in computer-related injuries have surged by a shocking 732 per cent in America during the years 1994 to 2006. We want to raise awareness among the students about computer-related injuries and ways to prevent it, teaching them from a young age so that they will have the knowledge and mindset to use computers safely as they grow up.

KooBits was chosen instead of conventional websites as it provides us with many interactive features which can be used to engage students along the way, especially since they are younger kids. We tested the book out on relatives in this age group, and continued to improve it, adding more interactive features and sound effects.


This ebook is created using KooBits Editor software.


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