6 Cool Online Drawing and Painting Tools for the Young Artist

Art, like language, has always been the basic form of human expression. A recent study by archeologist Jess Cooney revealed that among the paleolithic human beings who left behind paint-decorated cave walls were kids as young as 3. The study went on to reveal that almost all the paintings in the caves were made by children. Fast forward to present day, and you have your kids drawing on the walls of your living room.

Today there are plenty of free drawing and painting tools available online to save you from having to clean your walls. The KooBits team took a bunch of them on a test drive and, after a whole day of dabbing and drawing, we’ve picked the 6 coolest ones for your little Picassos.

1. Kleki

A light and quick application that lets your kid experiment with brushes and colour palettes. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, Kleki also lets you store your drawing locally and return some other time to complete it. You can also give Kleki a try on your iPhone or Android phone.

6 Cool Online Drawing and Painting Tools for the Young Artist: Kleki

2. Myoats

This absolutely amazing website lets you create symmetrical and circular drawings. Once your kid starts moving the mouse around, you’ll be amazed how quickly and easily he can create wonderful drawings.

6 Cool Online Drawing and Painting Tools for the Young Artist: Myoats

3. Flame Painter

This app is simply brilliant. It gives you simple tools with which your kid can create flame-like textures. These textures can be adjusted according to his preferences: he can change colors, saturation, opacity, etc. Even random mouse gestures can end up creating wonderful patterns.

6 Cool Online Drawing and Painting Tools for the Young Artist: Flame Painter

4. ScribblerToo

Scribbler Too is another greatly engaging sketching tool. Its web-like drawings are easy to create and wonderful looking. Color options are available as well. Learning the tools is quite easy and once your kid has learnt them, creating masterpieces is quite easy too.

6 Cool Online Drawing and Painting Tools for the Young Artist: Scribbler Too

5. Queeky

More of a collaborative art community, Queeky has a built-in tool for drawing which is used by members of the community to submit artistic pieces online and get rated. Some very impressive pieces created in the browser from collaborators around the globe.

6. Twiddla

Finally, now that your kid is beginning to master these apps, it’s time to call his friends in too. Twiddla lets your kid share the page in real-time with his friends. So now, they all can draw at the same time on a same board. The ability to modify and draw on top of websites and images alone engages the kids for a while. Without any further explaination we leave it to you to discover it for yourself.


Most of these applications allow your kids to save their drawings once it is finished. So, you are welcome to share your child’s masterpiece with us – we’re sure they can create better drawings than ours!


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