AI-Powered EdTech Innovations Shine at Bett Asia 2023

The recent Bett Asia 2023 event held in Bangkok, Thailand, served as a pivotal platform for industry leaders in the education technology sector. Organized by the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA) with a focus on shaping the future of education, the event brought together hundreds of senior government representatives, educators, and EdTech vendors. Sponsored and partnered by the likes of Google for Education and Microsoft, it is now in its 7th edition and has garnered nearly 40 years of experience in driving EdTech innovation, making it a pivotal platform for industry leaders.

Amongst the attendees was KooBits, an AI-driven EdTech startup on a mission to democratize quality K-12 education to all children worldwide. KooBits wants to inspire, educate and motivate children to become independent learners and problem-solvers of the future, by building a global education platform that is powered by innovative technologies.

Currently, over 250,000 active monthly users learn, practice and play on our e-learning platforms, KooBits Math and KooBits Science. Our differentiated products integrate motivational dynamics, gamified rewards, social and peer learning, and parent-teacher-child interaction, relevant to all learning environments.

For parents, this means you can turn down supervision time – kids are empowered to become independent, self-directed learners. They have the autonomy to choose when they want to learn, create their own learning path, and take responsibility and ownership of their learning outcomes. The content is designed for the digital native generation, with animated virtual classes, learning through storytelling, bite-sized games, and specially designed characters are adapted for each age group.

For schools, this means unlocking the potential of not only students, but teachers as well. KooBits is  based on the Singapore Math Model but aligned to numerous national and international curriculums, delivering a comprehensive knowledge library of resources for teachers to tap on. Teachers can identify knowledge gaps through our comprehensive reports, create homework with just a few clicks, and simply wait for auto-marked assignments to show up. Teachers are freed up to channel their time and energy into providing the best learning experiences. 

In recognition of her contributions to the field of education technology, KooBits’ Chief Commercial Officer, Hanming Wang, was featured on the prestigious Bett Asia EdTech 10 list. This Southeast Asia-wide initiative spotlights women who have made substantial contributions to the field of education technology in the Asia-Pacific region.

Amongst many other imaginative players, KooBits was also nominated for the Game Changer Award at Bett Asia 2023. The award for game changer goes to the individual, group or institution that continues to innovatively embed EdTech into their organisation that drives outcomes for students and staff alike.

One key area where KooBineers excel is in solving the challenge of delivering localized curriculums and engaging content that allows children to learn confidently and independently. KooBits leverages generative AI to streamline the process of producing localized content, driving down production costs and accelerating content rollout.

The achievements at Bett Asia 2023 reflect the broader trend of AI-powered innovations transforming the EdTech landscape and enabling accessible, scalable, and affordable education solutions. As we continue to push the boundaries in education and technology, KooBits remains dedicated to democratizing quality education worldwide by leveraging technology for process innovation. 

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