From Average To Top Performer: How This Mom Used KooBits To Boost Her Son’s Math Grades by 20 Points

Karen, a full-time working mother, faced a challenge common among many parents in Singapore.

Her son, Ethan, then in Primary 2, struggled to improve his math grades.

After traditional methods like assessment books failed to engage him, she discovered KooBits. 

After starting KooBits, Karen noticed that Ethan started to be able to perform very quick mental calculations. 

This year, she even saw a marked improvement in his P4 grades, from around 60 to over 80, a 20-point improvement! 

Karen shared with us how she made KooBits work for her son. 

We hope that some of these tips inspire you as well, and you can start to adapt it to your own lives. 

Clock in just 15-30 mins of math practice every day

Like many kids, Ethan too, had a short attention span. Karen realized that sitting through an hour-long tuition, or doing an assessment book was too draining for him. 

With KooBits, she was able to keep his practice sessions bite-sized. Ethan could complete the Daily & Peer Challenges within 15-30 mins every day, even after a long day at school. 

On weekends, or whenever he has more time, Karen encourages her son to do extra KooBits practices.

She would ask him to attempt a skill on Missions for topics that are being taught in school, or do a revision paper on KooQuiz.

She finds that a little bit of practice every day is better than sitting through 1-2 hours of studying periodically. 

Do targeted practice on weaker areas

Through KooBits’ progress reports, Karen could identify Ethan’s weak areas, and which topics he had difficulty understanding.

Armed with this information, she was able to advise Ethan do targeted practice of the particular topics and skills that he needed more practice in on the “Mission” feature. 

As a working mom with limited time, this helped maximize the time she spent with her child.

No longer did she need to spend time marketing and checking his answers for all types of questions.

In fact, she now had time to do other enriching activities together and as a family. 

Ethan too, had a sense of control of his own studies. He did not have a parent breathing down his neck, or instructing him on what to do every moment.

This allowed him to explore, correct his own mistakes and feel empowered. 

Reward the efforts

Karen also believes that KooBits’ rewards mechanisms motivate Ethan to keep practicing. 

She finds Brain Games on KooBits fun, but Ethan prefers to read the stories. He usually reads a little bit after his daily practice. In fact, he has unlocked the stories till P6! 

Karen allows Ethan to choose the activity he likes, and this keeps his momentum going. 

We hope that Karen’s story inspires our users to adapt these ideas to their lives, and see how KooBits can transform your child into a self-directed learner, while mastering math skills.

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