The #1 Reason Why Your Child’s Maths Results are Falling: Assessment Books

Before you buy another assessment book, take note:

It might not be as effective as you think!

What if your child is practising blindly, repeating mistakes, and never learning the correct solution?

Their errors are only going to pile up and surface themselves during exams.

That’s why assessment books can give you and your child an illusion of success.

A more effective method – something top students do all the time – is to practise smart:

  • Work on problem sums focused on weaker topics
  • Get help immediately when they are stuck
  • Go beyond the answers by studying full-worked solutions

If you flip through your assessment books, you’ll notice most of them can’t support this style of learning.

That is where KooBits can fill the gap.

First, you’ll find reports that tell you more about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Use these insights to maximise revision time.

Second, each question is marked automatically with instant full-worked solutions. This is critical because a child’s mind soaks up new knowledge more easily right after trying a question.

And finally, KooBits provides detailed step-by-step solutions. It’s rare to find such answers in assessment books (even some tutors struggle to write them out!).

Give KooBits a try FREE for 7 days, and you might never have to buy another assessment book again!


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