How your child can ace any primary maths topic in under 10 minutes

“What kind of mother can’t teach primary 1 maths?”

This came from a frustrated mum who vented on an online forum.

She was puzzled…why doesn’t her son understand her explanation?

The more she explained, the more impatient her son was.

Now, this problem is common in many families.

Kids today grow up surrounded by videos and digital devices, cutting their attention spans shorter and shorter.

They crave for media that are fun, lively and quick to enjoy.

It’s no surprise most parents struggle to teach their kids maths at home. 

Especially when they are still teaching with methods that are fast becoming obsolete!

So what can you do to help your child learn a traditionally boring subject at home?

At KooBits, we have the answer. 

It’s our “secret sauce” – a proven method we use to teach P1-P6 maths, and helping kids today focus and learn more effectively.

Since we started, we have helped thousands of Singaporean students master the MOE syllabus, avoid careless mistakes, and answer tough exam questions.

Best part?

Any busy mummy or daddy can use it to make their life much easier.

You don’t have to sit next to your child, burning hours acting as their tutor, and repeating the same concepts over and over again.

You simply rely on this:

These are the animated tutorials KooBits uses to help students ace maths. They have several advantages:

  • Never longer than 15 minutes for maximum focus
  • Uses a step-by-step approach to help kids understand easily
  • Steady teaching speed to avoid info overload
  • Colourful images and animations to constantly engage students

The last one is the most important because it helps kids to visualise a word problem.

If you can help your child “see” the problem in their minds, it can make even the most challenging question a breeze.

In KooBits, we have 1,000+ of such animated tutorials for P1-P6 maths skills.

Need to revise a specific concept? Watch the relevant animation and your child will be able to keep up.

Or if you have trouble teaching maths at home, use these animations to shorten the learning curve.

Want your little one to try them FREE for a week?

Click the button below to learn more about KooBits 7-day trial:


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