Parents, what’s wrong with this answer?

Getting higher marks in Science is all about keywords.

Teachers won’t accept the answer without the right keywords…even if the student seems to understand the concept!

For example, why can’t a student answer “Carbon dioxide is changed into oxygen in our lungs?”

Can you tell what’s wrong with that statement?

Watch the video to see what’s the correct keyword to use when describing our breathing system:

At KooBits, we have a library of videos to teach specific keywords. Our team of educators have designed these videos to be easy-to-understand, yet effective in helping students to understand their mistakes.

Parents can use these videos to teach their children at home, while students can watch them at any time to keep up with the school’s syllabus.

If you want to watch them for FREE, activate your Science trial today:

For Premium Plan Users:

For Standard Plan Users:


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