How to teach slow learners maths in 20 mins a day

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What if you had to sit still and study for 2 hours straight?

It feels terrible, right? And it’s worse for a child!

Unfortunately, that’s what most parents do when they think their child is a slow learner.

But that won’t work.

Younger learners (including slower ones) have short attention spans. They drift into wonderland if they are forced to focus for hours.

What’s more, research has shown that people forget 80% of newly learned information within a day.

That’s why long hours of intense study or cramming is ineffective.

If you want to help slow learners, spread practice sessions over several days instead.

Consistent practice over days or weeks forge stronger memories in the brain. Even 20 minutes of daily work is beneficial.

These tiny pockets of time can gradually sharpen a child’s skill in maths and lift their grades higher.

In KooBits, we have a unique tool to make it easier to build the habit. It’s our most popular tool called “Daily Challenge”:

Everyday, a student will receive 10 questions in KooBits.

These questions start off easy and get more difficult at the end, giving just the right amount of challenge for students to complete it.

The questions aren’t randomly picked too.

They are created based on a child’s grade and skill level.

This is the reason why kids who finish their Daily Challenge diligently every day, have a higher chance to outperform their peers at the end of the school term!

Most of our users take only 20 minutes to complete the challenge. 

It’s the perfect activity for your child to do before school, or at the table while waiting for their food.

Slow learners are no different from every other learner in the class. 

They just need more time to learn and with a solid daily routine, they will eventually keep up with the rest too.

Give Daily Challenge a try in our 7-day trial. It’s free and you can cancel at anytime too:

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