How to teach science at home

If you need help teaching science at home, here’s a “detective” method you can try:

Understand – Read the question carefully and see what’s required.

Investigate – Dive deeper into the question, using existing knowledge to work out the answer.

Conclude – Finally, provide and answer based on the results of the investigation.

This approach helps kids to think logically, so they don’t jump to conclusions right away.

But using the right method is only one piece of the puzzle.

Reduce confusion by explaining with words and phrases your child is already familiar with.

It’s also good to repeat the explanations because kids (and even adults!) might take more than one take to understand everything.

If it sounds hard, it is!

That’s where KooBits animations come into play.

Our video tutorials use a methodical approach to simplify and explain complex concepts clearly.

It’s almost like having a patient and understanding tutor by your child’s side at all times!

See it in action here:

At KooBits, we have a library of similar videos to teach science skills.

Our team of educators have designed these videos to be easy-to-understand, yet effective in helping students to understand their mistakes.

Parents can use these videos to teach their children at home, while students can watch them at any time to keep up with the school’s syllabus.

These videos are only available in KooBits Science.

If you’re an existing KooBits Math user, you can get this subject at 25% OFF here:


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