How Top School Students Study 400% Faster Than Their Peers

“I didn’t think I could do it…”

Michael Wong recalled how anxious he felt when he came to Singapore from Thailand as a Primary 4 student.

He spoke almost no English or Mandarin.

But after a short 2 years, he scored a B in 2021 PSLE for both subjects.

How did he achieve this feat?

In an interview with Today, his father revealed one of the secret weapons…Netflix!

Can Netflix really help your child ace exams?

Researchers have found that we’re wired to think visually. 

In fact, our brains process images 60,000X faster than text.

This explains why we remember movie scenes, quotes and characters longer than the books we’ve read.

Not to mention, digital media like YouTube, TikTok and Netflix are more entertaining than reading.

And when it comes to learning new skills, here’s what another eye-opening research has to say:

Studies have shown that kids learn as much as 400% faster with animations and videos.

There’s no doubt multimedia can boost a child’s progress. 

But this can come at a cost. 

Modern media is designed to be dangerously addictive especially to younger learners.

So what can you do to reap the benefits without having your child glued to the screen?

KooBits: A Safer Way To Help Kids Learn 4X Faster

KooBits, an online maths learning platform, is the answer.

This award-winning platform is gaining huge popularity among Singaporean parents.

They see it as the Netflix for maths, except that it’s healthier and more educational.

Inside KooBits is a library of 1000+ animations for nearly every P1-P6 maths skill set by MOE.

These animations are fun to watch and effective for learning.

But at the same time, they’re not designed for students to watch on repeat.

For example, a Primary 4 student learning how to “Express improper fractions in simplest form” can watch this video to quickly master the skill:

Animated tutorials like this saves parents a lot of time and stress.

There’s no need to repeat the explanations, or waste time “re-learning” maths just to teach their kids at home.

These animated tutorials are also excellent revision tools to fill learning gaps before exams.

If your child is attending tuition, use these videos to supplement their classes so they won’t be left behind.

Want to watch more of these videos for free?

Try KooBits for 7 days.

You have an entire week to explore everything inside, including questions, worksheets and even a fun peer challenge your child will definitely love to use.

Click the button to learn more:


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