How a “Netflix for Maths” saves busy parents 10 hours a week

If your child needs help with maths, and you don’t have time to teach them, this article is for you.

You’ll discover a powerful way to help your child learn 4X faster AND save yourself as much as 10 hours a week on teaching maths.

What can you do with those extra 10 hours?

You could spend more time with your family. Or indulge in some precious me-time.

You could even put those hours in other subjects, helping your child to be a well-rounded superstar in primary school.

But this isn’t about blindly practising assessment books.

It’s also not about spending money on expensive tuition.

What we’re talking about here are the animated tutorials in KooBits.

It’s like Netflix for primary school maths, but way more educational and useful for young learners.

That’s why 50% of MOE schools use KooBits in the classroom, and why 200,000+ parents rely on us to boost their child’s understanding.

Here’s an example:

What makes these videos so effective? Here are 3 reasons:

Colourful visuals

Kids today are natural visual learners because they are surrounded by multimedia everyday. KooBits doesn’t ignore this fact. 

Instead of using books which might be boring, we created animations to help students visualise how a concept “looks” like in their mind.

Visual learning helps boost recall, and makes it even easier for students to ace exams.

Short and sweet 

Sometimes, using books to teach and explain maths can take up to an hour at home.

But using one animated tutorial, you can cut that time to just 10 to 20 minutes. Each video is designed to be short and sweet, helping your child to learn about 4 times faster.

You’ll save so much time teaching maths because there’s no need to repeat yourself, or worry you’re teaching the concept wrongly.


One of the biggest hurdles to teaching maths is to use words a child can understand. 

In each animated tutorial, every word is pronounced clearly and slowly, so students won’t get lost midway while watching it. The explanations are also carefully written to avoid confusion.

Not to mention, we use phrases like “Good job!” and “Can you tell me what the answer is?” to keep students engaged all the time.

Watching these tutorials is like having a patient tutor sitting next to your child!

Depending on your needs, these videos can be used in different ways.

Want your child to revise a weaker topic before exams? Use the videos to correct mistakes before it’s too late.

How about helping your child to keep up with their peers? Watch videos in other grades to get exposed to the skills so it’s easier to follow when the school covers it.

Watching Netflix or YouTube during meal time? Switch to KooBits animated videos instead. It’s 100% child-safe so you can leave your little one alone to have fun while learning maths.

If you want to watch ALL of the 1000+ videos for free in KooBits today, simply sign up for a 7-day trial using the button below.

(And if it’s not for you, feel free to cancel at any time too!)

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