How a Filipino parent used KooBits to improve her child’s math grades

Story first published on Edamama.

Written by Abigail Adora Tabladillo

Being a parent of school-aged children is challenging enough. Imagine how it became more tough and taxing for us when schools had to close and our kids had to shift to virtual learning to help curb the spread of COVID-19. 

Moms like me, who were already juggling housework and taking care of the kids on top of managing our professional careers, suddenly had to play another role in the midst of a pandemic: a hands-on teaching coach in the online learning space.

During this time, I noticed that my nine-year-old son Henz Adam was quite confused with multiplication and division methods, and that my third grader has a short attention span listening to his teacher’s lectures during online classes. 

My son loves KooBits, a gamified online learning platform that helps children learn effectively in a fun and personalized way.

A doctor friend of ours shared that they were thinking of enrolling their daughter on KooBits. When my husband mentioned that to me, I told him that I would like to try it even before.

So eventually we subscribed for their 7-day trial.KooBits Math is a gamified online learning platform that helps children ages 6 to 12 learn effectively in a fun and personalized way.

KooBits helps children visualize math concepts through animation, motivates them with gamified rewards, and encourages consistent practice with healthy learning habits.

It also provides tools for parent-teacher-child interaction to track performance and celebrate learning progress. It uses Singapore model method teaching aligned to Philippine DepEd Curriculum. 

Why did I decide to let my child try it? Because my kid has been doing online classes for a while now and I want him to try this new gamified online learning platform for math, as math has been his toughest subject.

Also, I wanted to see if this can build the interest in learning math, most importantly independent learning, and KooBits did!

After using KooBits, I saw that my son has become more engaged in answering his asynchronous class activities. His Math grades have even improved.

He is also now more patient in analyzing and solving problems than before.

He managed to quickly understand the concepts of multiplication and division without us forcing him to memorize the multiplication table.

This is because KooBits allows him to solve tough math problems using concise animated explanations—this gives him more motivation to practice math every day and make it an enjoyable habit. He loves completing the Daily Challenge and Missions.

After using this gamified online learning platform, I saw that my son has become more engaged in answering his asynchronous class activities and his grades have improved.

Will I recommend it to fellow mamas? Definitely!

I believe this is the fastest and most effective way for our kids to enjoy learning mathematics. It can also help our kids build healthy learning habits and nurture them to be happy and motivated learners. 

Thanks to KooBits, I am no longer frustrated that my son can easily learn multiplication and division.

That’s one task crossed off from my long list of things to accomplish as a mom.

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