The all new Peer Challenge is here. Let’s learn without borders!

We’ve got some happy news that you’d want to share with your child today!

Check out our recently improved Peer Challenge feature!

The best part of Peer Challenge?

It’s homework assigned by friends that your child won’t mind working on!

Plus, this improved edition allows students to learn collaboratively in a friendly-competition setting. All the more reason they’ll enjoy learning!

They can also choose to compete against friends by entering their BFF code, or select their BFF from the drop-down list. 

That’s right, your child can contest with players across different grade levels and even from around the world!

They can also take on a random challenger as our system automatically matches them with a BOT competitor.

For school account users, students can choose to compete against their classmates by selecting their peer’s names under “My Classmate”. 

Don’t worry, the questions will be tailored to your child’s academic level, curriculum and language that will ensure a fair game. 

We’re sure your child will love our Peer Challenge feature – don’t forget to share about this with them today!


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