New Heuristic videos and questions for your child!

Drum rolls, please! We’re super excited to share a new version of our HOTS & KooQuiz features with you!

With 4 categories and more than 200 skills to be introduced in the new curriculum, the revamped HOTS feature is your child’s best guide to exam prep at school.

Unsure as to which level your child should be looking at when doing HOTS? Let us suggest content divided based on age groups for your child.

These skills will be accompanied by a concept video so your child can grasp even the most complex of concepts quickly.

A new category under KooQuiz will also be introduced today: 

Higher-Order-Thinking-Skills (HOTS) Papers! 

Students can choose to work online or download and print out the papers for offline revision. Each question comes with its own video tutorial too.

What’s more? We’ve introduced open-ended questions (OEQ) on Koobits Science so your child can practice answering questions with keyword-focus.

And we’ve kept the best for the last. Introducing KooScan where students can now look up a video explanation/solution for each question by simply scanning a provided QR code!

Watch the video here to see how it works:

Ready to give them a try? Log in today!

(Note: New changes shown will be applied to non-school plans.)

If you’re a school user and wish to upgrade to Math Premium to enjoy these features, click here.


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