NEW Daily Challenge: Made more focused & effective!

Users love our Daily Challenge as it helps them recall key concepts in a jiffy and gets them started on their revision routine with Koobits. 

This is why we’ve improved our Daily Challenge to drive better focus and engagement for your child! 

Check out what it looks like now:

Each difficulty level (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master) now displays more accurately selected questions! 

The selection of different difficulty levels encourages a child to practice and learn at his/her own pace. 

Afraid that they may get comfortable and not pick higher difficulty levels? 

Don’t worry! We’ve introduced a new change in our rewards system too! 

With exciting rewards introduced for the difficulty levels of Advanced & Master, every child will be motivated to give challenging questions a shot too.

We’re confident that these changes will better support your child’s learning journey with KooBits.


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