Maths Made Easy: 6 Ways KooBits Builds Exam Confidence

What if your child could walk out of the exam hall smiling with confidence?

With KooBits Math, that can be your reality.

Here are 6 ways your child can use KooBits to boost their confidence during exams: 

1. Learn to solve difficult problems using step-by-step videos

KooBits has over 1,000 animated explanation videos. 

These are concise, easy to understand, and effective in helping students learn visually.

The videos aren’t meant to spoon-feed answers too.

Students will learn to derive their own solutions using our videos as a guide.

2. Prepare for exams by practicing top school exam questions

We have a library of top school exam questions inside KooBits Math.

With over 100,000+ questions, it’s enough to fill 30 assessment books! But the difference is, KooBits marks the answers automatically. 

So while the question is still fresh in your child’s mind, we provide the feedback instantly.

Each paper comes with a timer, which is a great way to help your kids pace themselves.

If you want to try these questions for free, click on the button below and sign up for a trial:

3. Access Grade 1 to Grade 6 content at any time

In KooBits, your child is not confined to the content at their level. 

You can drop a level to revise the basics. Or jump a grade and challenge advanced learners. KooBits is flexible enough to cater to students with varying abilities.

The syllabus is aligned to your child’s curriculum too. Consider it your all-in-one math learning tool!

4. Solve problems more effectively with HOTS questions

HOTS (Higher-Order Thinking Skills) questions help students go beyond facts and memorization.

Doing them regularly improves critical thinking skills, boosts creativity and deepens their depth of math knowledge.

These questions are generally tougher to solve but will be well worth the effort.

In KooBits, you can choose any HOTS for your child to practice:

Track Your Child’s Progress At A Glance

Preparation for exams starts months before the exams. 

KooBits gives you 2 powerful tools to ensure your child is on track to ace the test!

5. Proficiency Report

This report analyses data from all activities in KooBits. 

Since features in KooBits work together to give your child a holistic learning experience, the Proficiency Report helps you track their overall progress.

6. High Score Report

With this report, you’ll be able to see precisely which skill your child needs to work on each topic. 

It gives you a deep level of analysis you seldom get from teachers or other eLearning platforms.

How A Proficiency Report Looks Like

Prepare For Exams With A Free 7-Day Trial

The best way to see if KooBits is right for you is to give it a try. We have a 7-day trial where you can test every feature for free.

Watch the videos, complete our worksheets, or even play our math games. You can cancel any time before the trial ends too.

To get started, click on the button below:


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