Are bigger magnets always stronger? Find out in our NEW misconception video!

Misconceptions are one of the most common problems students face in exams.

For example, consider this question: “Are spiders insects?” Some children might overgeneralise and wrongly assume spiders are insects because they spot resemblances.

These subtle differences are difficult to explain to a child. Even experienced teachers might struggle with this in class.

At KooBits, we have a library of videos to clarify these misconceptions. Our team of educators have designed these videos to be easy-to-understand, yet effective in helping students to understand their mistakes.

Parents can use these videos to teach their children at home, while students can watch them at any time to keep up with the school’s syllabus.

Take a look at one of our latest videos:

Are bigger magnets always stronger?

This video is one of the many new misconception videos we recently released in KooClass Science:

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