KooBits Science: Common Exam Mistakes

Try this common P3-4 science question on the topic “Magnets”:

The answer is (3).

It’s easy for adults, but explaining these concepts to a child requires patience and a deep understanding of the syllabus.

This question tests your child on 3 concepts:

  1. Every magnet has 2 poles – North and South.
  2. Like poles repel.
  3. Interpreting information using a diagram/experimental set-up/table.

Most students also struggle because of 2 common mistakes:

  • Only memorising facts such as “A magnet has two poles and like poles repel” but they can’t relate this piece of knowledge to a diagram.
  • Making careless mistakes when selecting answers presented in a table.

The KooBits Way of Teaching

Our science animated video explanations make teaching science concepts easy, and your child can learn independently. 

We teach using a 3-step approach: Understand, Investigate, Conclude – a simple yet powerful method to help students avoid common mistakes, and understand science concepts in a clear and engaging way.

Click on the video to see it in action:

KooBits Science comes with 200+ videos just like this to teach all concepts from P3 to P6.

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