KooBits Science: How To Make Lesser Mistakes In Exams

In science exams, graphs can often mislead students and cause them to lose precious marks.

As an example, try this common P5-6 science question on the topic “Water”:

The answer is (a). It’s easy for adults, but explaining these concepts to a child requires patience and a deep understanding of the syllabus.

This question tests your child on 2 concepts:

  1. The temperature of ice remains at 0℃ when it is melting.
  2. Interpreting information on a graph.

Most students also struggle because of 3 common misconceptions.

  • They choose 25 min because that is the whole duration displayed on the graph.
  • They choose 20 min and do not understand this is the duration required for the water to boil and not melt.
  • They choose 15 min because they mistook the slope of the graph to represent melting of ice.

The KooBits Way of Teaching

Our science animated video explanations make teaching science concepts easy, and your child can learn independently. 

We teach using a 3-step approach: Understand, Investigate, Conclude – a simple yet powerful method to help students avoid common mistakes, and understand science concepts in a clear and engaging way.

Click on the video to see it in action:

Nearly every skill in KooBits has a video just like this. These are effective in guiding your child through difficult concepts. The step-by-step methodology we use will also help them come up with solutions on their own during exams.

Give your child access to all of these videos by joining KooBits Science today. And if you use the link below, you’ll also get 25% OFF:


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