How tuition can wreck your child’s grades (if you’re not careful)

There’s no doubt tuition can push a student to perform better.

But not all tuition is created equal. So how do you know if it’s worth your money?

These 3 signs can help you decide:

One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Some tuition centres have a large student-to-tutor ratio. That most likely means the tutor can’t give dedicated attention to a student, which let mistakes slip past the radar, and you won’t even know why your child didn’t do well in school.

Cram school in disguise

Some tuition centres could be “exam factories” in disguise. They send students through rounds of intense practice sessions, which might lead to burnout, stress and a hatred towards maths.

No instant help

What if your hardworking child practises maths after dinner and is stuck on a topic? You can’t get a tutor because they won’t be on standby to help. A tuition centre is also unlikely to have time to cater individual questions!

KooBits can help you overcome these problems.

  1. Although we don’t use tutors or live classes, we have animated tutorials that students can watch at any time and anywhere.
  1. Proficiency reports give deep level analysis into your child’s performance. What can you do with it? See precisely their strengths and weaknesses, which lets you have an almost unfair advantage against other parents.
  1. We use rewards, games and colourful visuals so practice never feels like work. In fact, KooBits students often spend hours happily solving maths questions every day.

Now’s your turn to try.

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