Is your child making this mistake in primary school maths?

This question on improper fractions is commonly tested in the MOE syllabus. 

The answer is 29/9, and it looks simple. 

But students often don’t understand improper fractions, so they ignore the 3 shaded wholes and write 2/9 as the answer.

The skills tested here are complex.

Students need to understand improper fractions. They also need to know how to express fractions in pictorial form.

And if necessary, they might also be required to write the improper fractions in its simplest form!

Most parents will find it hard to teach this at home. There’s hardly time to go through each step in detail. They have to use the correct terms taught in schools, otherwise it’ll be even more confusing to their children.

And not to mention, parents have to repeat themselves if their child looks at them and says, “Can explain this to me again?”

KooBits animated tutorials solve these problems. In 6 min, we explain to a child how to express improper fractions in their simplest form. 

Take note of the pacing of the video and the heavy use of images. That’s how we keep students 100% engaged and focus during the explanation:

In KooBits Math, there are 1000+ videos like this for nearly every skill tested by MOE’s P1 to P6 syllabus.

Whether it’s for targeted revision or for learning new skills, our animations can make the process easier.

KooBits is built for self-directed learning, but for parents who prefer a more guided approach with their child, these videos can supplement how you teach at home. 

Get instant access to our animations today with a 7-day free trial today:


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